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Verein für Regionalgeschichte Verden  e. V.

Verden  e. V.

Association for Regional History of Verden  (registered association)


The Association was founded in 1992 with the aim of preparing and joining the „Week of Meeting“ in 1993, in cooperation with the rural district of Verden. About 60 former forced labourers from Belgium, Poland and the former Soviet-Union, who had been forced to work in the Verden district during the Second World War, were invited. Contents and aims of the Association:

  • Performance and advancement of research, documentation and conveyance of the history of the Verden district, the history of National-Socialism and the war factories, of the wartime economy and the forced labour assignment and the consequences.
  • Advancement of toleration and agreement between different cultures, religions and peoples by information, education and the performance of international meetings within the meaning of the association´s setting.
  • Idea of sponsorship: Interested citizen can become a sponsor for a former forced labourer, whose name and address they get from the association.
  • Main work of the association is - meanwhile - the humanitarian support addressed to former forced labourers (civil workers, P.O.W.´s and prisoners of concentration camps) in Eastern Europe, mainly in Poland, Belorussia, Ukraine and Moldavia. Since 1994 there are arranged and accompanied relief transports every year. In September 1998 the Advancing Association performed the „Second Week of Meeting“. 28 former forced labourers who had not yet been known in 1993, were invited to Verden.



Dr. Joachim Woock (Vorsitzender)

Labiaustraße 2, 27283 Verden

Telefon: (04231) 81782

Fax: (04231) 976164




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